National Squalor Conference Presenters

Richard Aedy

Richard Aedy presents ABC Radio National's flagship morning program, Life Matters. The program covers social issues and change, including education, work, family life, housing and community issues.

Richard has been in journalism for over 20 years, in three countries.

After growing up in Sydney and Canberra, he went to university in New Zealand and began his career there. He travelled to the UK and spent four years working for the BBC in London, where he was an award-winning producer. In 1998 he came home to Australia and began working at Radio National.

Richard has presented and produced a huge range of programs across many subject areas. He has a deep understanding of issues in science, technology, environmental change, health, the media, education and social issues. He is a keen observer of the political scene.

As the father of two young children, he is very interested in work/life balance and believes it to be an excellent idea in theory.