National Squalor Conference Presenters

Susan Graham

Susan Graham is the Senior Coordinator for the Severe Domestic Squalor program at Catholic Community Services. She is a registered nurse with experience in community health, primarily mental health and population health, in inner city and remote area services.

In 2004 Susan participated in the DADHC funded Squalor reference group which was responsible for producing the “Partnership Against Homelessness - Guidelines for field staff to assist people living in severe domestic squalor”.

In 2007 she accepted a position with Catholic Community Services to undertake a pilot project for The National Homelessness Strategy and FaHCSIA. The project aimed at researching and developing a best practice model in response to public housing tenants that presented with recurrent risk of homelessness. Data overwhelmingly demonstrated that a primary cause of tenancy difficulties and homelessness was squalor and hoarding.

Now armed with evidence, funding was obtained through the Minister for Housing and DADHC to commence what is now the Severe Domestic Squalor Project. The project has been a massive undertaking involving research, education, development of assessment tools and intervention models, advice and consultation from the many enquires Australia-wide, and data collection on over 200 referrals.